Tavish is an MBA from INSEAD and Master in Technology from IIT Madras. His core expertise lies in applying his analytical ability and strategic thinking to solve complex and ambiguous business challenges through automation, artificial intelligence or process streamlining.

He currently works at Admiral Group in the Group CEO Office to build, deploy and maintain the digital transformation journey across all 8 subsidiary businesses. The key objective of this journey is to re-build Admiral as a customer-centric and efficient business enabled by data, digital, technology, and enterprise agility.

He is also a proud co-founder of Analytics Vidhya, India’s largest AI social media and professional development company.

His wide variety of experience across functions, geographies, and industries, coupled with his ability to connect with people enables him to thrive in all possible settings. Reach out to him if you want to discuss anything related to AI taking over the world, new business ideas, sites for scuba diving, or best Indian food in town.