Raghu is currently working as a Consultant and freelancer trainer in the Big data Technologies. Big Data technologies are his forte; with over 15 years of extensive experience in the IT industry, Raghu has designed and developed large-scale enterprise applications, including the building of a $30 million Big Data platform for one of the big Indian banks and 3 major big data platform for Indian Telecom Vendors.

Raghu takes a keen interest in distributed systems such as distributed storage, databases, and processing platform. He has deep expertise in building big data analytics solutions using AWS, Azure, and Google cloud platforms. Raghu is well-versed in all the big data components available on these cloud providers and knows how to build solutions using them.

As a corporate trainer, he has conducted around 600 corporate batches, and 150 online batches and trained around 22000 people. This training program was conducted for 125 different companies including Flipkart, Walmart Labs, Cisco, eBay HPE, IBM, Samsung, etc.